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We are offering this iconic poster of the RMS TITANIC advertising the Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap.

Vinolia Soap was the only product advertised with the Titanic, as it was published before the ship sailed on her maiden voyage and was to inform the public that The Vinolia Otto Luxury Bath Soap was being supplied to all the TITANIC First Class passengers.

All of the other companies were waiting until the TITANIC returned home to advertise that their products were supplied to or used on the famous ship.

You will see many companies offering this poster for sale, however please do look to see there are no hanging or pin holes in the corners or down the sides of these other posters. Our Poster is unblemished.

We used to sell this poster framed however due to the risk of trusting freight companies to deliver them safely we have decided to ship the poster to customers and let them decide what frame etc they would prefer.

We will supply information as to the best way to have the poster framed with your framer, like having it cold mounted, this means having a backing added replica watches uk to the poster before it is framed to prevent any risk of wrinkles appearing.


Large Frame: 100 x 70 cm (39 x 28 inches)

Medium Frame: 70 x 50 cm (28 x 20 inches)

Large Frame: A3


If you would like a price for the poster delivered to you framed, we do have access to a company that specialises in this kind of delivery. Please ask for prices.

We are offering this poster in 3 sizes:

A3 size, (17 inches x 12 inches)

70cm x 50cm (28 inches x 20 inches)

100cm x 70cm (39 inches x 28 inches)

The poster is printed on High Quality 180g gloss paper.

All 3 sizes look extremely good framed, however if you do have the space, the 100cm x 70cm looks spectacular when hung.